The remedy of my mind

With a different philosophies in the world exists,the people mind could changed as some called it as truth as the other felt it like brainwashed,

Even god knows what it is actually?

Some have a belief over the workship places while some are totally on helping one another,thats how the different people looks the world differently.

Even god knows what is the right way?

As the image below the blog seems like every waves enjoyed the sunset,but some called it as tsunami or high water waves.

Even god knows what waves are literally mean?

The real scenerio of life is now depends upon which type of people you are living or you are with..

Some may increase your confidence or anyone called it as badluck,the day i always remembered when my mom strictly told me that there is no luck even exists in this world until and unless you are started work on it.


Wordless world

They called you selfish
Even they needs a wish
That would helped them to grow,
After every envy and sorrow.

There is always your mistakes,
They were never be wrong,
Exaggerating never wend,
The conversation never ends.

Taunting everytime is a schedule,
Mistakes becames exams to them,
And you are always speechless,
Their mindset atlast worthless.

Ignoring is something you thought,
The only  way to rid off,
It never seems interesting,
Talking to them is wasting.

They always shows their power,
Throne made only to them,
Like they serves to entire earth,
Calling themselves a god from birth..

That was what your end,
Beneath them would never affected you,
As they never won hearts
And you never let other hurts..


Why would this happened sometimes that you had done lot with the people and they give you a big ditch,
Then after you yourself realises that nobody in this world will be at your place after giving your everything to them.
Where is god now?
What would be his opinion about to help??
Like after a time you find yourselves empty at that level that you are orphans, nobody you have in your life.
Or else better to sat and look, what problems they are facing??
Now nothing to do with because you gave your maximum things to them,and they never realised your efforts that how you helped them.
It is reality of life that nobody stands by you atlast,and you are alone to fight for your power and for you rights..

A never ended love!!

I had more tears than an ocean in my eyes,
Why god you be like this?
My kindness for you is more than anyone else,
But  you never had known about my life,
That every leaf knew how much i loved you!!!

My veins got dried,
My eyes has no more sleep,
What sins i have committed,
I have been punished for loving,
That i dont even survived without your love!!

Nights are wagon of pain,
Days are ended with sorrow,
My Dreams are forever dead,
Nothing to do,forever depressed
That i dont even know where my life is going to end.

Thats what everyone felt after the both got broken after their relationship comes to an end,but life is what you have to follow or sacrifice…
There is always a path,life has many options,even peoples chose to suicide which is not a better option because you only ended your life without god wish…
Depression is not an option to death.there is always a new ray,a new day and a new life, but you have to calm yourself for a short period of time and after
everything will be well.

Is it my mistake??

It is said by the childrens of small ages who lives in syria,who have even no idea about their future.they are living in their fantasies.
They are allowed to laugh,about to live freely.they are growing up knowing nothing but war.what are their mistakes and what are their sins.
Syria has been living nightmare for the childrens and their families who are regularly fighting.they are going through adverse critical condition which is now suffers from the wounds that never heal because every child deserves a better future.
Where is god for that small childrens who wants a better future and a better nation??.when those fights gets over that their School get started which is now totally destroyed by the evils of the earth.
Why dont they surrendered???
When did the small ones will contribute to their nations??if the fights never gets over..
What are their mistakes???
Even their eyes has dreams to fulfilled their future and to serve better to their family..

Sarcasm,why it always hurts!!

Someone called it as fun but it is very offensive to another one.a person who is in a mood to tease would know the better meaning.
It is an aggressive way of communication.
It always like a taunting which directly hurts you from inside.
When a person feels insecurity to asked the question from the front,the another way is only to use the language sarcastically.
And you are never getting rid from
it but its not a single day to listen to them which is apposite to your conversation,
It is used to show envy or anger which converts your normal chats to sugercoated. if you are making fun of anyone but it is not like any bullshit,it always up to the level.
It wastes the words that could be put to the better use.
Dont be jerk with superiority complex,use kind words instead.
Just because you are not so big to make fun of others.
And the replied over sarcastic communication is to laugh on(make it sure its just a friendly laughter).
Sometimes you can answer them clearly which ends up your conversation or to ignores them.
Because you are not everytime answerable to them what they meant to you.

Mind,not always wins

Mind,just the name is enough even when you doing anything personally,your mind always contributes its views, sometimes your mind is positive about your thought and sometimes it is far away from your positive views,
And one of the hundredth time it would happened that your mind and your heart are on the same side,but mostly both are against to each other.
your subconcious mind will always wins just because you are even not sure about it.
Subconscious always mean that you are less positive about your own thought,and after it will not going to acheive.
Subconcious happened when your mind is not fully concentrated and after when it call to your heart, and it might changes too,like your heart also answered with little negativity,then finally task wasn’t acheived!!!
A mind is crowded from thoughts are always called as weak mind just because if you think alot against each things negativity comes to your mind,
And a mind with less thought always walks happy.
The only one thing which makes your is to gain more and more education like your mind will definitely becames so strong if you definately worked through study.

Intuition…always be positive!!

It is something that is what came from our heart and from our gut feeling,it is often self explanatory that what you thought of the things which will going to get happened with you??
Intuition is also called a psychology where the one felt from inside about the thing which will may be happened or may not!!it is subjected to how strong you are about the particular thought which takes intrests by your heart!!
An intuition is like how you see the world with your mind and about the particular task which you are considering to be get it done soon.
An intuition mostly be in your hands when you are much more positive then your thoughts.
The purest intuition is all about the thing you see is always yes, means you are going to complete it and you will,if you have a strong point towards it.